Naked pictures and radio weddings

Vasectomies, naked photos, diseases, drunk driving and marriages were the hot topics on “Desperate Housewives” and “Girlfriends” last week.

On “Desperate Housewives,” Tom told Lynette about a conversation he had with Carlos. They were discussing what their next wives would be like if she and Gabrielle died.

In response, Lynette asked Tom to get a vasectomy so that he would not be able to have children with another woman if she died.

He originally agreed but decided he had lost enough of his manhood because he no longer provided for the family. Let’s just hope the two of them do not have any more children.

Gabrielle’s gardener found naked photos of her, which her ex-boyfriend posted online. She asked her husband Carlos to beat up the ex-boyfriend until he gave the photos back. When the husband refused, she decided to do naked yoga on the porch to further persuade him.

As suspected, he agreed but soon learned the ex willingly gave them up because he said Gabrielle’s body was not getting a lot of attention anyway.

Once Carlos had the pictures in his possession, he threw them out the window.

Susan may have found herself a cute and younger doctor boyfriend. After going on a terrible blind date, she pretended to be extremely sick until the doctor thought she had an incurable disease.

When she told him she only said those things to get closer to him, he asked her on a date.

Bree was arrested after she refused to go on a date with the cop working on Rex’s murder case.

She met with him to try and find out some background information about the Applewhites. He told her he wasn’t able to do it, and that he thought she was there to date him.

He asked to give her a ride home because she had a bit too much to drink but she refused.

Still upset because she did not want to date him, he followed her and took her to jail after she refused to take a breathalyzer test.

And to wrap it up, Betty is trying to leave town because her neighbors are becoming more suspicious of her. And that was about the only thing that happened to her and her son last week.

Along with the wedding, Lynn became extremely depressed after her ex-fake lover turned new best friend moved out on “Girlfriends.”

Her girlfriends intervened and found out that Lynn was simply afraid of being alone and handling responsibility on her own.

What she missed most was music.

So Joan, trying to help, forced her to “marry” a radio, which represented music, so she could commit her life to producing.

Lynn knew she was weird, so she did not mind the weird request.

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