Protection or invasion

I can’t help but notice the increase in reality television shows, and the conspiracy theorist in me keeps asking:

Is reality television really the new form of entertainment or are we gradually being desensitized in preparation for more invasive probes into our lives?

The World Trade Center attacks were horrifying and the persons responsible should be prosecuted.

However, I think more steps have been taken to legalize the invasion of my privacy. This violation of our rights even comes cleverly packaged as an attempt to “protect our freedoms.”

Even Members of the American Civil Liberties Union and former Vice President Al Gore are taking notice. According to CNN, the ACLU has filed a lawsuit along with a 60-page complaint against the National Security Agency alleging that its wiretapping program is unconstitutional.

Is the increasing wiretaps and video cameras truly supposed to “fight the war on terror,” if the government had knowledge about the World Trade Center attacks prior to 9/11? I’m for being protected, but when will it stop?

As students who will go on to shape the people and businesses around you, I encourage you to look critically at the world, and from time to time, view it from outside the box.

Amber Vaughan is a senior public relations major from Pensacola. Contact her at