Majors play vital role in college students’ lifestyles

Declaring a major is never easy. This is the time in your life when all decisions are vital, and will almost always affect your lifestyle. After freshman year is over, students are pressured to succeed in the major of their choice. The question then comes into play: “How does your major influence your lifestyle.”

The age-old topic of having an exciting college experience while accommodating the strain of your major usually depends on the lifestyle of the student.

“I haven’t been out since my sophomore year because I am always studying for a class, and don’t regret it because I had to prioritize,” said Maressa Plaisimond, a 20-year-old third year pharmacy student from Orlando.

The difficulty of majors are not seen the same for all students. Some feel that with time management your major does not have to influence your social life.

“I go out at least two times out of the week. I know that I am focused, and with hard work and determination everything is easy. I know that I have to get my work done before I go out,” said Brian Williams a second-year health informational management student.

There is a plethora of majors offered at FAMU, all of which require a great deal of dedication.

Since many students are now adults and are responsible for the their actions, some feel it is imperative that you change your lifestyle a little in order to prepare yourself for the obstacles in the real world pertaining to his or her major.

“I find myself maturing. The things that used to be fun and important are no longer what I want. I know that it is time to be an adult,” said Dione Newman, a 20-year-old second year business administration major.

With students at college, and beginning to embark on their journeys to true adulthood in a professional setting, many agree that one thing that your major should influence is your wardrobe.

“I have changed my wardrobe since I came here because it is important to be prepared for the professional world. I think that it is critical for students to have two sets of clothing, one for the business world and one for casual events,” said Newman, an Orlando native from the University of South Florida.

Participation in on-campus and off-campus organizations can also be influenced by the major of your choice.

“I am a part of Alpha Xi chapter of Kappa Epsilon, NSCS, Golden Key and ASP SnPha, two of which are related to my major,” said Jasmine Robinson, a fifth-year pharmacy student

When getting involved in on-campus and off-campus activities, there comes a time when you have to choose between enjoying college life or staying home and doing homework.

“Once I did not study for a test two years ago before homecoming,” said Robinson, a 21-year old, Odessa, Fla., native.

“I definitely did not do well on the exam, but I don’t regret one second of wearing my cute shirt and shoe combo and watching T.I. hit the stage.

“I ended up sacrificing the test, but still ended up making the grade. School is an important part of my life, but not all of my life,” she said.

The lifestyle of a student can be complex, mixed with ups and downs.

“Life is all about sacrifices. You can’t be all about the social aspect and all about your major, one will have to give,” said Willaims, a 19-year-old Jacksonville native.

“That is the time when your major influences your life. We came to college for an education.”

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