Program prepares students for FCAT

The Student Government Association held a press conference at noon to announce its county-wide mentoring program designed to prepare students at Florida A&M University’s Developmental and Research School (DRS) for the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. (FCAT) Led by SGA President, Ramon Alexander and Vice President, Phillip Agnew, both men began the afternoon by greeting students on the Set and encouraging students from DRS that the mentoring program would increase the caliber of students at FAMU and would place FAMU overall in better standards, academically. “This mentoring program will add to the longevity and standards of the university and to the future of students admitted into FAMU”, said Agnew, a junior business administration student from Chicago.

Throughout the conference, Agnew spoke religiously on performance levels of students faced with the challenges of the FCAT.

“Last year only one student passed the FCAT. This mentoring program is needed tremendously and FAMU is here to help,” said Agnew.

In addition, Alexander advised students about the importance of receiving an education.

“The importance of an elementary and middle school education has an intricate part in being successful and students need to know that,” said Alexander, a senior political science student from Tallahassee.

While students passed through for classes some stopped to listen briefly to the conference.

Raven Robinson, a student at DRS, thought overall that the mentoring program was a good idea.

“At the moment, I think I need more help in preparing for the F-CAT, so this is good,” said Robinson, a 9th grader, who will take the FCAT next year.

Keyria Collins, a 9th grader at DRS and a newcomer to Tallahassee, said that not until she arrived at DRS did she see any preparation being done for the FCAT at her old school in Winter Springs, Fla.

“I can say that before I got here, I was not prepared for the FCAT. I’ve learned a lot since I got here in November and this program is perfect,” said Collins.

The mentoring program is set to begin next semester and will allow voluntary students a chance to mentor at designated times.

“Many times FAMU students will come strong for 3 weeks and then slack off. We need this to be consistent as possible. A schedule will be set and students will be obligated,” said Agnew.

The State of Florida requires that all students exiting high school pass the FCAT. Students entering school as early as the 3rd grade are faced with the challenege to pass the FCAT.

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