Rattlers return to reign of success

Well fellow Famuans, as the year comes to end, I would like to say: the Rattlers do seem to be sharpening their fangs-to bring the great Rattler STRIKE back to the hill.

Despite starting the season with two consecutive losses, the Rattler football team continued to strike the competition wrapping up the season with a 6-5 record. But the highlight of the year came when the Rattlers finally ended the three year losing streak to the Wildcats of Bethune-Cookman College.

After finishing fourth in the conference there is an upside-there were many instances when the ball was on the 3-yard line and the opposition was knocking on touchdowns door, but the goal line defense of the Rattlers held the door shut. Their red zone defense ranks first in the MEAC.

On the offensive side of the ball, it’s going to take a lot to replace the workhorse-Rashard Pompey. He now ranks third among the Rattlers all-time rushers.

But we did see flashes of things to come from junior wide receiver Aubrey Parrish who grabbed 22 receptions for 303 yards (13.8 average) with three touchdowns. The tandem of quarterback Chris Owens and wide receiver Roosevelt Kiser have shown glimpses of defensive backs will come to fear-Owens has a great arm and gives the soft touch when needed and Kiser can shake any defensive backs are now fearing-playing him five to six yards off the line of scrimmage. Kiser is on both kickoff and punt return. In the MEAC, the Rattlers rank sixth in kickoff returns and second in punt returns.

According to the Associated Press University of Florida’s third string running back-Skylar Thornton might be transferring schools. It would be hard to replace a Pompey, but a Thornton could be very helpful. He’s a shifty back with great explosiveness coming out of the backfield. I have a dream next season, the gates of pass greatness will once again break open, and the stands will once again be packed to where it’s a standing crowd and championship rings once again rain down with thunderous abundance.

I have a dream next year the Rattlers will make the I-AA playoffs with a record worth bragging about. I have a dream I say, a dream of no NCAA violations and recruits who are great athletes. I have a dream I say, a dream that I believe Coach Carter can make a reality. Give him this off-season and I believe you’ll see a great change that will result in more victories.