College relationships require more trust and respect

A relationship can be fun, relaxing and give a person the confidence that they always needed; but like anything in life a relationship takes work.

It takes understanding, caring, compromise and first and for most trust and respect.

If you have no respect or trust in your relationship you have cursed your relationship with problems from the start.

Relationships in college tend to take a little more work and effort to sustain because there are more things to hinder them.

For example, time, other friends and the abundance of young attractive college students anywhere you turn.

With these obstacles already promised why complicate things more by getting into a long distance relationship with someone at another University or city? You shouldn’t.

A good friend of mine has a boyfriend who is a teacher in Orlando.

She and her boyfriend have a good relationship and she trusts him, but she doesn’t trust the girl who lives across the hall from him.

When I asked her what she thought about his relationship with the girl across the hall she said, “I trust him, I just don’t like her. To make it so much worse, I don’t even know her.”

I asked her if her boyfriend has ever given her a reason to not trust him.

“No, not at all. I do trust him. The only thing is that he hangs out with her and she has been over to his apartment more than once.” She responded.

The one thing I noticed about this woman, who shall remain nameless, is that she constantly said that she trusted him. It made me think.

Are you trying to convince yourself you trust him or me? I wish she knew the answer to that question: seems like she’s trying to convince herself. Why cause yourself unneeded worry while you’re in college? The answer is clear: you shouldn’t.

In your mind when you first get into a long distance relationship like this it seems that love will conquer all, but your heart and your mind are in a battle for control over your thoughts and actions.

There is no way you can completely trust someone that you can’t talk to everyday or maybe even see everyday. As the days go by the visits will get less frequent, the calls will become few and far between, and before you even know it the trust is out the door and you’re single because of suspicion.

Every relationship is not like this, but some are. Some relationships thrive on the distance. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

But, if love isn’t there, some won’t make it through those lonely nights after the club: out of sight out of mind.

In the end, being in a relationship is your choice, but if I were you I would stay away from any relationship that is outside of a 40-mile radius.

Nikkia Ganey is a junior magazine production student from St. Petersburg. Contact her