U.S. cannot win war on terror

It seems that President George W. Bush and his administration have promoted the idea that regardless of how long U.S. troops remain in Iraq, eventually America will win the “war against terror.”

The truth of the matter is that no matter what the President’s timetable for troop retreat is, the United States will never win a war that it has not yet learned how to fight. With the Arabian terrorist framed as the face of America’s primary target, our government has yet to determine actually what motivates their enemy.

I assure you that bombing innocent homes, raiding cities with tanks, and ravaging the way of life of Arab people will not help us to gain any allies in the Middle East.

Every time that the United States sets the sight of a missle to a random home in Afghanistan, killing a young man’s entire family, a new potential suicide bomber is born.

Perhaps the U.S. government should explore the possibility of actually establishing dialouge with a culture that we clearly know nothing about. In nations where the Islamic faith is the center of life, the U.S. chooses to incenerate mosques. What a great way to create ties overseas.

Lumping all Arab people in as senseless savage can only last but so long. At some point someone within the walls of The White House might think of suggesting to George W. that he actually speak with these nations of conflict.

We all know that this war is being perpetuated so that George W. and his buddies can stuff their pockets with gains from oil, weapons, and everything else this nation exploits from poor people. The least our fearless leader could do is pretend that he has a plan that won’t involve violence, manipulation, and greed for the next twenty years. Anyone with any understanding of global politics can see that the American people are wrapped in a complex web of deception and lies. But come on George, just fake it.