Students use hands, hearts and time to donate

As the holidays are approaching, the charity bug has bitten many students on the campus of FAMU. The holidays are a time when giving generally becomes an unselfish act.

In the wake of many disasters like hurricane Katrina and Ivan, which detrimented the lives of people across America, some students have decided to do their part.

Although it is not the obligation of students to help those who are less fortunate, some students have chosen to take on the responsibility.

“It is very important for me to give back. Morally it is my job to help others,” said Jarrod Watson. Watson, a 19-year-old health science student from Charlotte, spearheaded Donate-A-Roll: Paper and Pasta.

Donate-A-Roll is an initiative to collect paper goods and pasta for the victims of hurricane Katrina. The purpose is to make the holiday season a little brighter and enjoyable for them.

“I feel this is my obligation to perform this common service to help those people,” said Watson. “I could really not have all the things I do, I could be in their shoes.”

Watson didn’t do this alone. He called on Wynton Geary for assistance. Geary, a third-year health science student from Chicago, helped promote and organize the initiative.

“I know they (victims) will appreciate what we are doing,” said Geary

Geary said that is our responsibility as students and members of the African American community.

“As a community, we should want to help each other, because if I was them, I would appreciate the assistance,” said Geary.

However, These two young men did not do all the work themselves. The Student Government Association and the Office of Student Union and Activities played a vital role in the drive’s progress.

Saundra Inge, the associate director of OSUA, played an instrumental role in Donate-A-Roll: “We are supplying storage space for the drive,” said Inge. “We also gave them all of the ramen noodles and pasta that we could, until we couldn’t give anymore …I am so glad to help.”

It is not too late for students to donate pasta and paper goods to Donate-A-Roll: Paper and Pasta. There are donation stations located in the OSUA, SGA and Ware-Rhaney building.

The stations will be up until next week. For more information visit the Office of Student Union and Activities.

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