Reality show reflects inequality in our society

Is it just me or is reality TV becoming more and more realistic by the day? After watching the season finale of “America’s Next Top Model,” I am convinced that white society always wins when it comes to the media.

For those who don’t watch the show, it was about a group of talented young ladies from different locations and ethnic backgrounds who compete to fulfill their dream of becoming a “top model.”

It started with thirteen models and was narrowed down to the last three which were Bre: a black woman from Harlem, N.Y., Nik: a black woman from Atlanta, and Nicole: a white woman from Grand Forks, N.D.

On the finale Wednesday, Dec. 8, two of the girls were eliminated and guess who won? The most untalented of the three-Nicole.

Why do you think that a country dork won the entire competition?

She had no personality and a lot of photographers claimed that she was hard to work with, yet she still won. Yet, Bre was sincere, and determined with a signature walk with attitude.

One example of Bre’s determination was when she was sick and was given some Benedryl which made her extremely lethargic; still she successfully continued the photo shoot.

Nik was very focused on the goal of winning. She had the most model like demeanor because of her exoticness. She was also direct about her purpose in this competition; to win, not to make friends.

This leaves one to wonder what were the judges thinking this time. In the past two seasons the women who won, based upon their talents, happened to be women of color. I guess women of color should have been glad that the past two slipped between the cracks unnoticed. But this time, the show wasn’t going to let another woman of color reign as America’s Next Top Model!

The most talented woman got overlooked, not because of anything she did on the show, but because white society still rules the media.

Amanda Albert is a sophomore magazine production student from Chicago. She can be reached at