Nine students confirmed for student government Wednesday

The 34th student senate met Wednesday to discuss changes in the senate rules and procedures and to confirm nine Student Government Representatives in office.

SGA President Ramon Alexander began the meeting with a brief review of last week’s successful activities. Alexander also reviewed several changes in the contracts of cabinet members.

Various community affiliations gave reports during the community forum session after Alexander had spoken.

Osubi Craig, assistant director for FAMU’s Center for Caribbean Culture, was one of the community forum guests who gave reports during the session. Craig brought greetings from the club and highlighted several upcoming events.

“It is always great to be able to make students aware of activities through senate meetings, even if we are not in need of anything,” said Craig.

With many community activities planned for the year, Craig highlighted which activities the club would be sponsoring.

A host of activities kick-off Saturday with the club sponsoring a Bahamian Junkanoo group performance at Goombay. The men of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. will host the show.

Craig said the club will also host a Caribbean Film Festival that would venture into the small scale of independent films, which target Caribbean culture and entertainment.

Following Craig was Shontell Willington, a student representative from the Operation Southern Hospitality Initiative, who reported that a charity basketball game would be held in Gaither Gymnasium today between 7 p.m.-10 p.m. Proceeds from the game will aid students affected by hurricane Katrina.

Later in the meeting, Electoral Commissioner, Shaun West, reviewed the new point system that would take effect on the first day of freshman campaign.

“New changes to the point system have been made in order to clearly state the lines of violations this year,” West said.

This year’s changes include an additional point added to one of last year’s minor violations of defaming a candidate or ticket’s character.

Prior to last year, any student who violated the minor infraction would be allotted 49 points.

This year, in an effort to minimize violations, student’s will be allotted 50 points for violating the new major infraction.

Following the report of the new point system was a review of the rules and procedures of the senate committee.

After nearly two hours of reviewing the rules and procedures, Senate President, Keon Hardeman, confirmed the nine student government representatives appointed this year.

The nine people confirmed were: Shevrin Jones, secretary of academic affairs, Allen Ahmadi, deputy secretary of academic affairs, Amanda Wilkerson, secretary of student lobbying, Gregory Woodall, deputy secretary of student lobbying, Montrell Miller, deputy attorney general, Brian Perry, surgeon general, Jennifer Smith, deputy of surgeon general, Kimberly Peck, chief of staff and Andrew Collins, deputy chief of staff.

The appointed officers reviewed their goals for the year after their confirmation.

Gregory Woodall, a sophomore, physics student from Atlanta said his main goal would center on increasing his involvement with students in a more informative effort.

“[My] goal this year is to actively engage with students in order to make the procedures of the senate and up coming bills clear and aware to students. In addition, I look forward to taking a proactive approach in making students voices heard as an elected officer for the student body.”

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