Capital punishment not a neccessity

America’s latest milestone is perhaps the worst of all: capital punishment. The United States of America recognizes the 1000th publicly held killing. This is sad. The U.S. is in desperate need of a moral and ethics etiquette 101 course.

How can this country be built on the principle of being “One nation under God,” and play God? It can’t. Killing people for punishment isn’t right and man is not in charge of anyone else’s life, but his or her own. Some people will defend capital punishment to the very end, even some in The Famuan newsroom, but deep consideration has come from the the board to address this issue.

This country, a country built on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, takes life, liberty and happiness away from its’ citizens. Liberty was taken when the government decided to put in effect, the Patriot Act. Of course the intentions to protect that nation are honorable, but the ways of implementing the rule are not.

Happiness is taken when the government cheats to appoint a biased, inept and insufficient brain to run the leader of the free world. Life is taken when the barbaric rule of “eye for an eye,” is implemented in today’s supposedly so far advance and technologically savvy, society. The ideology possessed by some that if someone takes a life, the killer doesn’t deserve to live their life, is understood. However, it doesn’t make it right.

All the pain and revenge killings in the world won’t bring back the person who unlawfully lost their life. So why should someone else lose their life lawfully? Perhaps those Americans who promote capital punishment should consider the moral ramifications of a society founded on violence. Realize that when your leaders promote violence, the people will as well.

Lock these criminals away without a key and do away with the massive free prisoners have now. Give themHell. Don’t take them there.

Robyn K. Mizelle and the Editorial Board.