Spirit the same with vegan

One hour of cleaning, 20 minutes of seasoning, eight hours of basting and baking and weeks of refrigerated turkey. Mmmmm, delicious!

As October fades away and November creeps around the corner, this is what many people do every year to prepare for a fulfilling Thanksgiving.

I never once considered how vegetarians and vegans celebrate Thanksgiving until this year, when I embarked upon an unknown territory and ventured into the great big world of vegetarian cuisine.

Rather than a big juicy turkey, we prepared “Tofurkey” (a mock turkey loaf made of tofu), macaroni and soy cheese and an assortment of vegan desserts, which include: Carob Fudge Pie (Carob is a vegan substitute for chocolate), banana pudding and carrot cake parfait.

With every social gathering people celebrate, no matter the occasion, food is usually smack dab in the center. Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, marriage, family reunion or funeral, there is no doubt that food will be first priority.

Although the smell of good food is quite alluring, and a big part Thanksgiving, as well as other traditional holidays and events, food is not the reason for the season.

The main reason for Thanksgiving is to remember the pilgrims and Native Americans who celebrated the fruits of their labor in honor of their “new found” relationship and commitment to live amongst one another.

Thanksgiving is also a time to reflect on and recognize all the blessings that have been granted to us throughout the year and to express our deep gratitude for everything.

It’s the sound of a father’s deep laughter, a grandparent’s reassuring smile, the comfort you see in an aunt or uncle’s eyes and the feeling of being in the presence of family and friends that makes Thanksgiving such a special holiday.

This year I am definitely thankful for a loving family, the new friends I have made in college, and for the opportunity to experience a vegan Thanksgiving.

Although I didn’t have a traditional Thanksgiving with turkey and all the usual “fixings,” I did learn about the many options that are out there for people who choose alternative lifestyles.

Yewande Addie is freshmen journalism student from Atlanta. She can be reach at omolola15@yahoo.com