‘Rent’ worth the cost of admission for audiences

Since the beginning of its existence, “Rent” as a Broadway play has been a major success. Critics raved on how great the world of eight friends with life obstacles was portrayed in a musical. The movie was centered on eight friends; some with AIDS, drug problems and some who were homosexual.

The movie gave a look into the life of people who not only have survived AIDS, but who lived their lives like everybody else in the world. Their problems unfortunately became part of their lives.

They were all in search of fulfillment: either in love, music, filmmaking, teaching, designing clothes or fighting injustices.

“I’m not a musical-play type of person, but it was decent,” said Jered Sanders, a junior English student from Richmond, Va.

“It touched on a lot of taboo (AIDS, drugs, homosexuality) subjects that most plays and movies won’t show.”

Mackey McNeil, a junior sports management major from Chicago, said he was hesitant to see the movie in the first place, but was convinced by a friend to see it.

“It was straight, actually better than I thought. I know it was a musical, but there was too much singing-It seemed like every five minutes, they were singing again,” McNeil said. “But the actual content of the movie was good. It showed life beyond the obstacles they all faced.”

“I saw it on Broadway, so it refreshed my memory, but I thought it was pretty good,” said Vikki Butler, a graduate student, from Anchorage, Ala. “A lot was taken out of the movie, which could have helped make better connections to the play [Rent] would make a great movie for a group of girlfriends or boyfriend and girlfriend date.”

“525,600 minutes how do you measure, measure a year…” The trademark song was continually sung throughout the entire movie. Most of the songs in the movie all had a significant meaning. They were either duets or more, and had great vocal range. The cast portrayed every emotion that each song displayed. The different genres of the music varied from rock, to pop and alternative music, giving an electric feel to the overall movie.

The movie reminded me of my group of friends, who went through similar obstacles that involved relationships inside the friendship.

It showed how much those relationships affected everyone in the friendship, and how disappointing it is that something negative has to happen for people to recognize the value of friendships. Overall I give this movie an A-.

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