Beauty does come at a cost

Are the blood, sweat and tears worth sacrificing to cross over into an on-campus modeling organization?

I say, maybe and maybe not. It all depends on your definition of “hazing.”

There are many ways to define hazing.

Hazing can be defined as new recruits being disciplined by elder members of the organization, doing something against your will or sacrificing your time and putting the rest of your life on hold.

Hazing can range from verbal to physical contact.

Some modeling groups haze their members, but again, it depends on your definition of hazing.

It also depends on what modeling organization a person chooses to join.

Each on-campus organization has different requirements for becoming a member.

For example: some modeling groups want members to know the organization’s history or require that a person looks or acts a certain way.

I think whatever the organization requires from a new recruit, it will be well worth it.

The entire hazing process has meaning behind it. There’s always an explanation to everything.

Members may test recruits to see how knowledgeable they are of their “line sister or brother” and test to see how bad recruits want to be in their organization.

Organizations always remove the weak and keep the strong to carry out the group’s legacy.

Personally, I don’t see a problem with modeling organizations hazing new recruits. During the hazing process a model may realize if he or she really wants to join the organization.

Some recruits grow from the experience and others do not. It’s all about development when an “intended model” joins an on-campus modeling organization.

Hazing gives members an idea of who is worthy of joining their organization. The members can determine who is honest, dependable, willing, determined and model material.

If a recruit doesn’t come out of the hazing process more knowledgeable about modeling, fashion and conduct, the experience would not be worth it.

Hazing helps the process of elimination, not just on appearance, but determination as well.

I agree with the hazing process. It’s the best way to choose new members.

Angela Pitts is a fourth year public relations student from Miami. She can be reached at