U.S. Government’s ratings fall

America’s government is falling apart.

According to the November 14th’s online edition of USA Today, President Bush’s job-approval rating has sank to a record low of 37%, down from a previous low of 39% last month. Themoderatevoice.com states the latest Harris Interactive poll finds that Vice President Dick Cheney is losing his popularity among voters as well.

Cheney’s latest ratings dropped from 35 percent to 30 percent. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld’s approval ratings sank to 34 percent from 40 percent and Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State, fell from 57 pecent to 52.

But, sinking approval ratings do not only apply to the Republicans, the Democrats are experiencing disapproval as well. Only a quarter of the American’s polled give Democrats a positive rating compared to 31 percent in August.

What is going on? Apparently the U.S. government is losing their mind. They can’t sustain a consistent approval rating, whether positive or negative, from the American people.

Well, now the next move is to try and figure out why the government is constantly churning up negative ratings. Could it be because they’ve continually lied to the American people since the appointment of Bush in 2000? Or is it, that they started a war with no merit? Could it be that when the hurricanes of 2005 struck, as opposed to Ivan in 2004, their response to alleviate the problems was as slow as molasses? Probably.

In the Wall Street Journal’s November 18th’s edition, the preview to Bush’s visit to China’s President, Hu Jintao, states that Jintao’s gaining popularity among the international community, while Bush is losing. It’s a sad day indeed when the so called leader of the free world can’t keep the free world’s approval.

Point blank, the government needs to stop lying. Especially when it comes to things that matter massively among the people. Of course, everything cannot and should not be revealed because of national security matters but reasons behind a war, in which the people risk their lives, please, don’t lie. When your appointed head of the Federal Emergency Management Assistance department is highly unqualified to be in such a position, admit your wrongness, don’t cover it up.

Someone in the government needs to have a positive rating among the people, but when no one can get by with an inch of care, the government’s acumen should be revamped.

What’s the future like when American’s don’t like anyone on either side of the political stratum? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Robyn K. Mizelle for the Editorial Board.