Recent crimes feed into FAMU’s negative image

Congratulations FAMU. We’ve finally proven to the world that they were right about us. They say we’re thugs who can’t learn, and don’t deserve to have our own institutions of higher learning. They say we’re just ghetto hoodlums who do nothing but fight and cause trouble. Well, it seems “they” may be right.

Since late October, there have been six robberies on campus. On Tuesday a student was confronted by two men who demanded his wallet. He refused, and was pistol-whipped.

On Thursday, an unknown black male walked into the FAMU Federal Credit Union, threatened a teller with a gun, and made off with an undisclosed amount of money.

Also on Thursday, a fire broke out in the men’s bathroom on the second floor of Tucker Hall. It was later determined that the fire was probably an act of arson.

It seems more and more that our famed “FAMU, FAMU…” chant should be changed to “FAMU, FAMU, what’s wrong with you, alright, alright, alright.”

Why do we feel the need to rob and attack our brothers and sisters? The same ones that are here to make something of themselves so they aren’t reduced to petty thugs like those who choose to take from others.

The general consensus from outsiders is that FAMU is just ghetto; that nothing good comes out of this university. Despite the negativity, many students still try to convince non-Rattlers otherwise.

Now, it’s getting hard to fight. Robberies, arson, what’s next?

Who knows, maybe they were right. Maybe we don’t deserve to have anything of our own. After all, we’ll just rob it or burn it down anyway right?

It’s time for us to quit embarrassing ourselves and act like the responsible adults “they” don’t expect us to be.

Sidney Wright for the Editorial Board