Sports bliss is finally back

It is that time of year for true sports fans to extend their passion beyond the weekend. Basketball season is back, college and professional, officially eliminating the ever-plaguing question, “What are we supposed to do with our lives between Monday and Friday?”

That’s right, no longer are sporting events and outings limited to the weekend.

No longer do we have to repeat along with Thursday’s SportsCenter, due to the fact that the same clips from the past weekend’s games are airing up until a new weekend of clips comes along.

Basketball season, to me, equates to 82 game seasons as opposed to 16. With the recent additions of some young human highlight reels into the league, it equates to something new to ‘wow’ at on a more consistent basis than simply every Saturday and Sunday.

With the return of basketball, there is finally an opportunity for new headlines in the world of sports. Instead of hearing about every breath Terrell Owens takes, we can hear about LeBron James becoming the youngest player in NBA history to score 4,000 points. Instead of hearing about steroids in baseball, we can follow the defending NCAA champions, the North Carolina Tar Heels, and how they only return one player from their championship rotation.

Although plagued with pre-season drama of the dress code issue in the NBA, once the season gets going, the NBA and the coverage seemed to have geared more toward performance on the court, which is the way it should be.

Entering the competitive sports season, with a new contest to watch almost nightly, coverage can finally focus on the purity of the sport instead of the issues surrounding the individuals of the sport.

So true sports fans, now is your opportunity to sit back and enjoy the sport itself, and not the soap opera.

Reginald Snowden for the Editorial Board.