Mr. Jumper is Famu’s Own FOX news!!

Dear Editor,I cannot help but realize how bias and unprincipled the Famuan has become. The Famuan has allowed itself to become a breeding ground for organizational upliftment, and fails to report the news, and fails to realize what IS news. I have been at FAMU for four years, and i have never heard of the things I am hearing about this year going on with the FAMUAN. From the improper procedures of the actual election of the editor (since the FAMUAN is an A&S funded agency the Editor in chief is to be voted on, not appointed by the advisor) to the dismissal of writers for blatantly biased reasons, to the ignoring of the VOTE on the student body on Most Influential. Mr. Jumper you have run your newspaper like FOX news…for your OWN agenda. it must stop, I ufge you to report the FACTS, allow writers to write on topics they believe are important to the student body, because unfortunately you are NOT the voice of the students, and neither is the editorial board. I respect your position as Editor in Chief of the FAMUAN, and I would love to read the news, the facts, and have the VOICE of the student body upheld. If one candidate receives 120 votes and another 6 votes, but you wanted the person with 6 votes (ur frat brother) to win, so you manipulated the system, when he still did not win you did away with it totally? Be professional!! I know you are not a journalism major, and perhaps dont want Mr. Hasan Flake to be the most influential person on campus (although the students voted otherwise)but please do as a REAL editor would do, leave your bias and shady ways with your bruhs at the frat house.