Video game tour comes to campus

The purpose of The VIBE Game Club Tour, a nine week video game tour sponsored by Boost Mobile and Motorola is to allow students to be able to preview games coming out next year as well as participate in a forum on how to get into the game and entertainment industry.

Unlike many of the other events that come to campus, the setting was very intimate and students were able to interact with distinguished people within the entertainment industry.

The panel included: Kenny McAllister, fashion editor for Rolling Stone Magazine, Michelle Huff, a public relations consultant, Chris Sainsbury, a former representative for Bad Boy Entertainment and radio promotions expert, Tony Ferguson, a publicist and senior director of media for Sony Music, Lincoln Alabaster, a producer for Spike TV and Bryan Maddox, a marketing representative for an ethnic add agency.

Chris Smith, the tour manager and creator of the “Game behind the Game” concept and its merger with the Vibe Game Club Tour, was enthusiastic about sharing a few words of wisdom.

“We only learn how to play the games and not the engineering, producing and designing that goes into them. This is why we’re here, to show people what’s available to them,” he said.

One of the most new and innovative games featured at the event was “Wild Tangent,” a trendy video dating game developed by the body spray company, AXE. Trevor Gordon, the AXE Manager, explained the tour and its purpose.

“Something like this is needed because most of the time the urban market gets passed over. There aren’t too many people who have knowledge about the gaming industry as a whole right now, so the tour draws students in with the games, then offers them the chance to get on the right path and use the proper channels to get in contact with important people to develop careers.”

Danielle Alvarez, Public Relations Specialist for Boost Mobile, said, “I’m happy to represent a company that is doing stuff to enhance young people. The seminar not only adds an extra element to the tour, but it allows them to get a chance to have some direct contact with people in the industry one on one, an opportunity not many young people get.”

Steph Lova, a radio personality for D.C.’s 93.9 kiss FM, served as the host and moderator among the panel. She thought that the turn out was decent and appreciated the love Famu showed. “We’ve been to about eight other HBCU’s, and with the recent hurricanes the morale has been a little low at a few of them, but by the time we leave there’s always a few more smiles and you can tell the students are enjoying themselves, especially here.”

The driving theme reinforced throughout the forum was that, it’s imperative for African Americans to make connections among themselves in order to be successful within the corporate world. Companies are making great efforts to get into the urban market, because they know where the money is coming from, African Americans. If there is an attempt on our part to foster strong networks and create our own, then the result can only be success. It is just a matter of individuals having the drive and confidence to make it happen. The resources are out there waiting to be used by those who want to take advantage of them.