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There is always something to talk about in Black Hollywood. Whether it’s a breakup, a business venture, or something totally outlandish, it’s all too addictive not to stop and look for just a second.

Something that’s making many people look twice is the recent news that Gabrielle Union and husband, Chris Howard called it quits.

The chummy couple is surprising many fans who felt that the two were in it for the long haul. The former Jacksonville Jaguar and Union, seen in movies such as ” Bad Boys II” and “Deliver Us From Eva,” released a statement last Monday through Union’s publicist announcing their split.

Rihanna is a celebrity who isn’t in the headlines because of a split, but rather a joining. She joined the cast of “Bring It On’s” third installment titled “Bring it On Yet Again.”

The movie is currently filming in Los Angeles. Rihanna has a cameo role in the film as well as a musical performance. Also scheduled to appear in the film is Beyonce’s younger sister Solange Knowles.

Some other celebrities are venturing onto thesilver screen.

Singer Marques Houston said that the sequel to “You Got Served” is in the works.

So far, Marques Houston, Omarion and Chris Stokes are the major stars that have agreed to work on the film.

Houston said that they don’t have a script yet, but they do have an idea. He said that they don’t want the movie to be too much like the first, but they don’t want it to be too different. Fans will have to wait and see if this movie becomes an outlet for the former members of B2K to reunite or if it will emphasize the fact that they are no longer a group.

Speaking of breakups…Destiny’s Child may no longer be a group, but their album is doing pretty well.

The trio, who released a greatest hits album titled “# 1’s,” now has a no. 1 album to add to their list of accomplishments.

According to SoundScan totals at press time, the album, which has 13 hit singles and three new tracks, held the no. 1 spot on Billboard’s 200’s.

50 Cent is an artist who definitely has had his fair share of no.1 spots and currently is clearing up a rumor that has circulated in the hip-hop community.

There has been talk that 50 cent is signing Jadakiss. He said that this rumor is not true. As far as him disliking Jadakiss, he said that he doesn’t resent him to the point that he would like to see him suffer.

50 Cent is also making headlines with his recent signing of Mase to his G-Unit label.

They have already finished quite a few songs, some in which Mase dissed Diddy, Brandy, Fabolous, Loon, and the New York Knicks’ Quentin Richardson.

But not all of New York is up at arms.

Jay-Z and Nas united on stage at the Continental Airlines Arena.

They embraced each other and performed together shocking fans, most of whom are well aware of the beef between the two.

The show that was called “I Declare War,” and was initially thought to be similar to the 2001 Summer Jam where the Jay-Z/ Nas battle was born.

Finally in less shocking news, Rap Mogul and Millionaire Russell Simmons is set to make more money. He is the new chair of a fine-jewelry company that will sell hip-hop geared jewelry such as microphone pendants and fashionable watches.

His company premieres nationwide this holiday season at Gordon’s Jewelers.

That’s the latest in Hollywood gossip, stay tuned until the next edition of The Hiss.

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