Support growing legal marijuana

About half of voters in the Mile-High City supported a ballot that made it legal for residents 21 years and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana.

Don’t get the new law wrong, there are still civil and criminal penalties associated with the use of the drug. Residents of Denver will still be penalized if they are caught abusing their privileges with the once-illegal drug.

With this new law being passed in one of the nation’s major cities, will others follow?

We don’t see why not. Look at marijuana in the same way we look at alcohol. They both can do harm and impair our bodily functions if used in excess. However, if people consume both in moderation, then no problem or crime is committed. Although some people may abuse the privilege, we doubt it will spoil the entire bunch.

Even though the legal use of marijuana is still fairly new and highly debatable, we predict the use of the drug in selected cities will continue to rise as the year’s progress. Just as any other law, some people will never agree with it no matter how many people are doing it.

The law, if introduced to other cities, will have its opposing views, but if the citizens vote in favor of it, then the use of marijuana will definitely become legal in specific areas.

It is due time that marijuana has its legal uses. And it is good that it has its limitations, like everything else should.

Just as the Denver government believes in its citizens enough to propose a law in the first place. This law will definitely set a trend within the United States.