Students thrive to give with care

Care II Give is a community service based organization that provides gently used clothing and non-perishable items for needy families in Tallahassee.

Sanjay Billings, a junior business major from Fort Pierce, is the founder and president of the drive.

“I’ve had this organization locally on a smaller level since last year; however, this year it has bloomed, and formed to a group of over 90 people,” Billings said.

“We have already started placing boxes at local churches and radio stations for drop-off purposes, as well as applications for families who are in need,” Billings said.

Boxes and applications have been placed in areas such as Bethel Baptist Church, St. Mary’s Church, College Club Apartments and many more. A list of all the sites is available on, under the group Care II Give Thanksgiving Drive.

“If you know of anyone who is in need this year, please fill out an application for them, or have them fill out one at any of the sites,” said Marchae Ivory, a junior criminal justice major from Miami, and the secretary of the organization.

A week before Thanksgiving, members of the group will split up what they have gathered and deliver packages to the families they have chosen based on need.

“Everyone who participates will receive community service hours based on their effort and committed time to this project,” said John Williams, a junior agribusiness major from Baconton, Ga., and the volunteer coordinator.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a member of Care II Give can join the group on, or e-mail Billings at

Billings said she is very excited about how well the organization is doing and would like everyone to know that she is trying to have a drive every semester.

The members of this organization said they are working hard and firmly follow their slogan, “Care II Give, but always give because you care.”

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