Rattlers neglect historic game

North Carolina A&T: 14, Florida A&M University: priceless.

FAMU’s performance on the field and in section Q of the stands, the ‘Marching 100’s section, was the best all year. However, the attendance of the fans was not.

Generally, the expected attendance at a home football game is not equal to that of a Homecoming game. But, this past Saturday’s attendance record at the Centennial Football Game was truly disappointing. Almost no one was there. Empty stands could be seen for miles around, a sad sight to see indeed. Only 10,203 fans sat in a stadium that seats over 26,000 people.

These fans were however privileged to a once in a lifetime event: running back Rashard Pompey became the second highest rusher in FAMU history. He rushed for 265 yards and scored two touchdowns. The record is led by none other than the great late,Willie Galimore who rushed for 295 yards in 1955.

Exactly 50 years later, a legend was born. But, the lack of spirit at such an eventful game is its downfall. The band had a performance that surpassed all others this year. The ‘Marching 100’ was good.

But, yet a gloomy feeling still lingered in the air even as the crowd in attendance was completely dry of spirit.

In the past, attendance after homecoming hasn’t been so dry, and at the Centennial Football Game, it definitely should not have been. This only comes around once in a lifetime, if that often, and thousands of people missed out.

School spirit should have been up and should have been noticed. It’s truly a disappointment when people don’t come to support the Rattlers anyway, but when 100 years have passed, since the first Rattler game, the site of empty stands is beyond heartbreaking.

If you can’t make the other games in the season, make an effort to attend the most important ones. Homecoming is not the most important game. It comes around every year. But, the Centennial does not. Get it together Rattlers, past, present and future.