Owens saga has new episode

If you haven’t seen or heard the latest headlines from ESPN, then you have missed what has undoubtedly become the saga of the NFL season. Why don’t we just title this drama, “T.O. Strikes Back: Episode III.” Just a year ago, we were contemplating the start of a new era in Eagles football. Donovan was finally receiving his ultimate birthday wish, Owens was headed to a place where he would no longer have to put up with the imperfections of Jeff Garcia and Philadelphia was preparing for an NFL season that would no longer end in heartbreak from yet another loss in the NFC title game.

In Week 9 of the 2005 NFL season. Owens has put his house up for sale and now finds himself on the outside looking in, while the Eagles find themselves in jeopardy of repeating as the NFC champs. With T.O. suspended indefinitely and Philadelphia currently sitting in a three way tie for the seventh spot in the NFC with a 4-3 record, the odds of the Eagles returning to the Super Bowl seems slim to none. As Mr. Attention so eloquently put it, “What a difference a year makes.”

Sure, it can be argued that the Eagles should’ve just paid T.O. whatever he demanded, after he sacrificed his entire career to rehab his surgically repaired ankle and give a stellar performance in last year’s Super Bowl, but this certainly isn’t the way one goes about requesting a raise. Criticizing your fellow quarterback not once but twice, putting your contract situation ahead of the team and telling the public that the Eagles organization lacks class is definitely not what one should do when put in Terrell Owens’ position. Just shut up and play. You just don’t show up with a jersey of your opponent on game day or state that the team would be better off with another quarterback.

There is no doubt that T.O. is one of the best receivers in the league. His combination of great hands, speed and phenomenal playmaking ability makes Owens a superior threat to any defense.

However, it’s Terrell’s actions off the field that are leading to his legacy as a team cancer.

It’s certainly about time the Eagles have come to terms with themselves and exercised the discipline to kick Owens out of their locker room. Simply put, Owens has completely taken the fun out of an organization that thrives on it. This is the team that films family oriented commercials for Campbell’s soup. It’s as if T.O. is the Grinch who stole football from this team.

Bottom line, the Eagles are better off without the negative antics of Owens hovering over them.