K.A.O.S. lends helping hand

Lending a helping hand is a characteristic of some FAMU students. On Thursday, The K.A.O.S. (Kreating An Opportunity for Success) Groupe, Inc. sponsored Hands for the Homeless, a clothing drive at The Shelter on Tennessee Street.

K.A.O.S. is a non-profit organization, which is comprised of four members of Pan-Hellenic Greek-letter organizations that seek to serve impoverished communities through specific events.

Thursday’s event ushered in dozens of FAMU students whose purpose was to give back to the less fortunate. Members of Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), FAMU Student Government Association and other organizations lent their ‘hands to the homeless’.

“If we don’t give back, who will?” said Cherlise Forshee, 20, a business administration student from Miami.

Forshee, a third-year business administration student from Miami, said there are a lot of homeless people on the streets that are in desperate need of help and it is time to give back. “I feel that this is my obligation as a person to help the less fortunate.”

Hands for the Homeless did not just cater to the homeless, but it opened the eyes for many volunteers. A volunteer realized her privileges in life should not be taken for granted.

“I could very well be in the same situation as some of the homeless…everything I have can be gone tomorrow,” said Cerretta Amos.

Amos, a third-year business administration student from Durham, N.C., volunteered her services for the event. “Everyone else and I are all here to make a difference that is all a part of a worthy and noble cause,” said Amos. “I take pride in helping others, especially in times like this.”

Members of K.A.O.S. were excited about the event’s turnout and the organization’s prospects.

“I am ecstatic that so many people took time out of their busy schedules to help the less fortunate,” said Philip Hamilton, 21.

Hamilton, a fourth-year pharmacy student from Miami and one of the four spear-heading officers of The K.A.O.S. Groupe, said that the event went far beyond its prospects of helping the homeless.

“We are giving the less fortunate not just food and clothes, but an opportunity,” said Hamilton.

The K.A.O.S. Groupe, Inc., will soon be sponsoring a scholarship for FAMU students, as a part of their efforts of continuing to give back. The organization will also host additional volunteer functions in the near future, so stay on the look out.

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