Great Gatsby remake gets thumbs up

Nothing is without defects. No experience, no person and certainly no movie. Even in our favorite movies, there is a scene or two that made you say to yourself, ‘they could have left that out’, but it doesn’t stop you from dubbing it your favorite movie.

When I left the theater after seeing the new movie G, I had mixed feelings. There were things about the movie that were really good, but there were also minor things that took away from the overall effect of the movie.

The film is a remake of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, with an updated hip-hop flare. In the beginning of the film, we are introduced to Tracy Newman (Andre Royo), a writer for a magazine, as he ventures to The Hamptons to write a story on the hip-hop mogul Summer G (Richard T. Jones) who lives there. During his time in The Hamptons, he stays with his cousin Sky (Chenoa Maxwell) and her unscrupulous husband Chip Hightower, played by Blair Underwood. Tracy brings his cousin along with him as he sets off on his interview, where she comes face to face with her former boyfriend, Summer.

Even though they make it clear that their relationship ended on ugly terms, it is obvious that it isn’t truly over. In the midst of compromising situations, infidelity, and lies there is a love between them that on all accounts seems to be true. This creates a conflict for the married woman, and that is what grabs at your attention and holds it captive.

Blair Underwood, offers an exceptioanl performance. Every single time he was angry, I stood at the edge of my seat not knowing what he was going to do next. Richard T. Jones is another actor that has this beautiful gift. They made you believe that these characters were real.

As I stated before, this movie did have a few hangups. I’m not sure if it was lighting or something else, but the picture quality wasn’t the best that I’ve seen. This threw me off, because the production company, Andrew Lauren Productions, is owned by the son of Ralph Lauren. I would assume that money to invest in something as basic as the film on which the movie is shot would be there.

Having seen the film quality of the commercials made me view the film as a ‘play’ film. After the action on the screen became real, I saw that I was wrong, the film stood on it’s own.

One major issue I had was they didn’t make us sympathize with the characters enough. The best films demand that we feel the pain of a character. This film didn’t demand that, it didn’t even ask. Overall, the movie did it’s job. It entertained me. I would recommend this movie to those who don’t get caught up on the little things.

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