Fire incinerates vehicle

Smoke filled the air as flames shot from a car Thursday afternoon.

Stopped just in front of the new journalism building, the 1989 Buick, belonging to D’juan Ballinger, a senior agriculture student from Miami, caught fire while he stopped to talk to a friend.

As the traffic piled up and students crowded the scene, the Tallahassee Fire Department arrived, putting out the flames.

The FAMU Police Department quickly arrived on the scene, following their protocol in dealing with a routine car fire, which is to immediately notify fire control. They assessed that the fire started in the engine.

Ballinger escaped the car shaken but uninjured, though the car’s fate wasn’t as promising. The flames soon subsided, but with too much damage for the car to be driven away.

Ballinger said the fire may have come from a fuse or wiring problem related to some audio equipment installed in his car.

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