Sprint service a big letdown

So I am on a call with a contact long distance. Desperately trying to get this gentleman to hear me clearly, I end up saying “can you hear me now” more than the guy on the Verizon commercial. Eventually fed up with the hassle of the conversation, he hangs up on me. I call him back several times in a row and each time I am sent straight to the voicemail.

Wondering why this is a problem for me? Well, the contact was a manager of a very important artist and I might have just lost the opportunity to get an interview from that artist. And to think that I owe it all to the cell phone carrier that we love to hate, Sprint. I have been with Sprint for the past year and I must say that they must have to be the worst service out of all cell phone providers.

Although they are the easiest company to subscribe with, they make you pay for that ease in the future. From overage charges for calls never made, roaming time while I am in my living room and the dropped calls, Sprint makes you pay for the comfort that you thought was “great customer service.”

To make matters worse, they have teamed up with Nextel (the second worst service in Tallahassee) to make an even bigger fool of everyone. It seems as though everyone in Tallahassee is subscribed to them which makes the Sprint-to-Sprint feature handy and less costly but how can you enjoy it when you spend the majority of that time trying to reconnect your dropped call?

By the way, don’t try to call customer service because everyone is new and will transfer you from department to department until your call is dropped again. Get the cycle? In conclusion, Sprint and Nextel need to get it together so I can talk freely on my wireless phone.

Tuesday Donaldson is a sophomore public relations student from Pensacola. She can be reached at tuesday@tjsdjs.com