Simply Striking: Jazz up those jeans

This fall don’t be left in the cold.  Add some class to your old denim looks-deluxe your denim! Adding excitement to denim is a versatile, fashion forward, unique and affordable way to uplift and bring life to a plain outfit this fall. Transitioning your simple pair of jeans to a new outfit is a simple task for anyone to accomplish. 

It was in the early nineties that denim began to make its mark on the world of fashion. Now fast-forward to the new millennium-denim can be seen all over the hottest runways nearly every fashion season.  This fall designers are utilizing the versatility of denim to transform casual daytime looks into a high fashion/uptown New York look for a night out on the town. 

By adding vital ingredients to your simple pair of jeans you can go from the classroom to a high-class restaurant or even the movies. For the rattlers in those late classes, determined to make their way from class to an evening out with someone special, this trick will come in handy. 

Gentlemen, for that Freshmen Composition class, find yourself an argyle-printed v-neck sweater to wear over a solid colored oxford shirt, then pair it up with a pair of slim-cut jeans and some Converse All-stars. Make sure that you bring along with you a black velvet blazer to wear over the oxford, a pair of black loafers and a colored scarf to finish the look off.

Ladies, dazzle your classmates with your favorite lace bolero over a flashy top, a pair of low-cut slim fitting jeans and some thigh-high boots. Be sure you don’t forget to tote along with you a tan faux fur jacket with a pair of chocolate pumps and your best gold jewelry. Anyone can go from night to day by just adding some important items.

The trick to obtaining this look is simple. The first step is letting go of some of last season’s denim and embracing some of the newer, more modern cuts and washes. Guys should tryout the straight or slim cut jeans and the ladies should go for a slim cut or bootleg fit. Put the rinse, indigo, antique, dirty, destroyed, double dyed, acid and stone washes to the test and see what works out best for you. Next, try adding to the outfit, key items that you would not usually wear with denim; sport coats, blazers, scarves and v-neck sweaters for the guys and slim-fitted blazers, touches of fur, boleros and long fitted tops for the ladies. 

Remember that trends in fashion are always in constant revolution.  One day something might be in, the next day it will be out, and the day after that it will be in again! Hold onto items that you’ve seen come into play during past fall seasons. This will help you avoid the hassle of shopping and save money when the fall rolls around again.

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