Katrina victims’ aid removed

If it isn’t already bad enough that the victims of hurricane Katrina have lost their family, friends and jobs then you are in for a real shocker.

According to reports from USA Today, many victims of the tragedy are being served with eviction notices from temporary housing facilities because short-term housing places have not received aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA.)

Unfortunately, for the victims, this can definitely get worse by November. FEMA plans to move 200,000 evacuees out of hotels as soon as possible.

What does FEMA expect these poor people to do after they are evacuated?

Well, all the blame can’t be put on FEMA and their operations. FEMA allocated checks in the amount of $2,358 to cover rent expenses for victims. The issue of whether the victims actually spent the money on rent is unknown, but it seems FEMA feels that they have already done their part to help.

Maybe they are right! The time may have come for the victims to no longer be considered victims and take the initiative to help themselves.

We are not denying that these people were crippled by Katrina’s wrath, but we are saying that some people are being lazy and continually waiting and depending on handouts.

Like the old saying goes, “you can only help people who help themselves.”

This philosophy has definitely been applied to this situation and executed to the fullest extent by FEMA.

The unfortunate side of this madness is everyday something new is sprouting from this tragedy. People, it is time to rebuild…not to tear down.

Just sit back and think. Where are these victims going to go? Are we just going to leave them high and dry? These are the moral and ethical issues companies need to start thinking about.

We know that they are a business and profit is the primary factor, but can the CEO’s of these organizations honestly live with the fact that people are homeless due to their careless attitudes?