Williams deserves a second chance

Should Stanley “Tookie” Williams be put to death? Should the courts give him another chance? For those who don’t know, Williams is one of the most famous deathrow inmates in the United States.

In 1979, Williams, co-founder of the Crips street gang, was convicted of murdering four people. Two years later, he was sentenced to death. 24 years after, his “death date” is schedule for Dec. 13.

Since Williams has been in the “pen”, he has become a children’s book author and Nobel Peace Prize nominee. It seems Williams has turned his once crooked life around and followed the straight path of nobility.

Some argue that Williams should be given another chance at life. Others feel regardless of what he is doing now, it does not take away from the horrible crimes he once committed.

But what make humans think they have the right to decide when another human should die. Governance of life is not in the hands of man, but in the hands of a greater power. Everyone should be given another chance to change his or her life around.

It is proven that Williams did indeed murder four people and, unfortunately, there are family members hurting from the loss of their loved ones. The natural instinct is to “do unto others as you would want done to yourself,” but that does not apply to every situation.

According to BET News, Williams has until Nov. 8 to submit a clemency request. Williams has renounced his past and, through his actions, has shown a 180-degree change.

By receiving a President Call to Service Award and a letter from President Bush praising him for demonstrating “the outstanding character of America,” it should be all the proof to get him off of deathrow. Only time will tell if Williams’ cry for help will be heard. If nothing else, hopefully this ordeal will draw attention our penal system.