Video games drive players to prioritize

“Baby what’d you say?” and “Hold on a sec…I’m almost finished this play”, are phrases that most females have heard. They are the words spoken by a man playing his X-box, Playstation2, or some other game system.

In some relationships, a male’s addiction to these external entertainment systems can be detrimental, causing loss of quality time, money, and a rise in tension.

This is an issue that can be looked at in so many different ways and can be debated at length, with males on one side and females on the other.

For some, perception is their reality, and many males aren’t seeing this issue in the same light as females.

Socrates Saint-Phard, a 22 -year- old Biology Pre-Med student from Pompano Beach, Fla. said, “Different people handle it differently. It actually depends on the person. Some people have an addiction.” The senior said, “It really doesn’t affect my quality time [with a female].”

Rodney Gregory,a 23-year- old senior criminal justice student from Jacksonville said that in his eyes playing sports on the X-box was like playing outside sports. The only difference was that one was inside. Gregory said, “To be honest most guys play sports. It’s like the pastime of boys. It’s a man to man time.”

Some men believe that video games are entertainment and can be turned off when females are in their presence.

Brian Williams, a sophomore from Jacksonville remarked, “They have to understand that we have to have some type of entertainment.” The 19-year-old health care management stduent mentioned that he usually plays game systems when he’s alone, and if a girl comes over he would most certainly put the game away.

Countless females here at FAMU don’t seem as confident as Williams does in a man’s ability to just turn off the game.

Shondi Rock, a 19-year-old nursing student from Miami said, “You [are] not supposed to mess with them, ’cause you know you don’t get no attention.”

They are very time consuming. I know a guy who said they don’t need a girlfriend because they had their X-box, and Playstation2. He said he don’t have time for a girlfriend, he can’t fit her in,” Rock said.

Tanza Thompson, 19, from Tallahassee, voiced that males usually play games with other males. “It can cause too much extra company. No one on one time.”

Financially, it can be another issue altogether. It’s no secret that females like to be taken out from time to time. Nothing too fancy or too often, but there are times when females want to be shown a good time. This can be a burden on a man if he has to balance between getting something that he wants and something that his girl wants.

Thompson, a sophomore psychology student, said that games and game systems are definitely not cheap.

“It’s expensive. Men don’t have good judgement most of the time about money. They can spend money on more important things, rather than pay 52 dollars for a game,” she said.

On the flip side, there are some women who feel that financially, games are not a big deal even though some games can run over 60 dollars. “They get around that. They go to bargain shops, Ebay, they can burn them, play games in groups.” Rock commented.

With all the bad that most females see in games, there are just as many females that feel games do have good sides to them.

“It does give you your personal space, something he can do and you can do because you can’t do everything together,” said Genetta Watts, a 21-year-old junior chemistry student from Miami.

Rock agreed and said, “If you need your time to study, do it while they are playing the game.”

Thompson said that games also can present an opportunity for a couple to get closer.

“If a girl learns how to play, it will be a good way to spend time with your mate or spouse.”

Some believe that video games are more than just entertainment for men.

Williams said that he felt games have all-around purposes.

“X-box is more than just a game…When she comes over you can stop the game and play the CD player, DVD player. It’s more than just a game system, it’s an entertainment center,” he said.

Thompson said there is another plus that she felt game addiction can have. “You know where your man is! He’s right there at that X-box!”

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