Coal plant a good idea

Whether or not building a coal plant in Taylor County, near Leon County, is a good idea for the citizens of Tallahassee is a matter of opinion.

According to a City of Tallahassee Citizen’s Guide on the North Florida Power Project, Mayor John Marks said, “If people vote “no,” then the citizens of Tallahassee will have no say in how the plant is designed, constructed and operated.” Mike Lawson, the project manager of NFPP said, “This plant is going to be built regardless of whether or not Tallahassee is a partner.”

But, members of the Clean Air Coalition feel there are several good reasons to vote against the coal project. Dot Inman-Johnson, CEO of Capital Area Community Action Agency, Inc. supports the CAC. Members of the CAC agree that it would cost over $300 million dollars of your money to construct the coal plant. Members believe “it would be untold medical cost to families caused by pollution from the coal plant.”

Many people will agree that all three of the above statements mentioned are strong and have validity.

But, facts are important too. The fact is the city of Tallahassee released its financial figures on the proposed NFPP Tuesday. The record showed $67 million dollars in savings if Tallahassee uses 20 percent of the plant’s power. Also, half of the world’s supply of natural gas is gone. Tallahassee is 95 percent dependent on natural gas. The NFPP offers a new alternative to petroleum-based fuels. The Taylor County Commission voted “yes” to build the coal plant.

If you hate pollution, individuals involved in the NFPP project have committed to spend one-third of costs on environmental controls.

If all these things are true, citizens of Tallahassee should vote “yes” for the construction of the new coal plant.

If you can’t beat them, join them.