Edwards’ message should be heard

Poverty is an issue that needs to be addressed in Leon County and all over the world. That is why Senator John Edwards is traveling to colleges all across America to promote “Opportunity Rocks,” an anti-poverty campaign. Florida A&M University was the ninth campus visited by Edwards.

Edwards did a wonderful job in challenging all people, especially college students and young adults, to start a grassroot movement making the government and industry respond to the people’s specific needs.

Edwards understands that grassroot movements are effective, especially in local communities. He also understands that the war on poverty can’t be won in Tallahassee and other cities, unless every American joins in the fight.

According to Edwards there are 37 million people in America who live in poverty everyday. This number increased one million more from last year.

What does this mean? This means that the richest country in the world actually has people who can’t afford the necessities of life, including food, clothing and shelter.

Now is the time to awake. Awake to the societal ills that affect Leon County and America. Edwards said, “America exists on everyone having equal worth.”

If everyone in America has equal worth, why are there rich and poor people, the suburbs and housing projects, food stamps and wealth?

That’s just it. America may be built on equal opportunity and worth, but it is a country of separation.

It’s time to get back to America’s theme, “United We Stand.” Will you take Edwards challenge to end poverty in Leon County?

It has to start somewhere and what better place to start it than in your own backyard.

Now is the time of awakening. A great deal of change can occur with young people beginning a movement. Often times, it is the youth who drive progression. Perhaps we will have to be the ones who stand up and take a stand against widespread poverty.