Inside The Huddle: Coach Carter

Head coach Rubin Carter takes us inside the huddle with his first FAMU Homecoming football game.

FAMUAN: How would you describe your first FAMU Homecoming?

CARTER: “Well I’m really excited to win, to be honest with you. Homecoming is very special. You get all your friends, family, and alumni and I know it’s a very special game for the players. I wanted them to get a victory so that they could enjoy the festivities and events.”

FAMUAN: What type of preparations did you make for Norfolk State?

CARTER: “Just practiced hard. We practiced schemes and fundamentals with our people that we thought would make us prepared for the team. We wanted to make sure we were doing the best things to make our guys perform.”

FAMUAN: During halftime you were up by seven. What did you tell your team so they didn’t get complacent?

CARTER: “We were making too many errors with the ball, dropping the passes, we need to make plays. Our receivers weren’t catching the ball well. There may be two or three plays in the game that can make a difference in the game and you’ll never know when you may be involved.”

FAMUAN: What is your vision for the rest of the season?

CARTER: “To play good hard football with a high level of intensity, and compete.”

FAMUAN: You have accomplished the main goal for the weekend in getting the homecoming win. Now, what’s next on the agenda for Coach Carter?

CARTER: “Get about eight hours of sleep and get ready for Morgan State. Maybe I’ll have a piece of cake and a cookie.”