Homecoming should be organized by students, not SGA

I am a proud FAMU alumna now living in Washington D.C. and I am truly disappointed in the way FAMU Homecoming has been and still is organized. When I attended FAMU I never got a chance to truly experience homecoming week because I never had the time to stand in line for a ticket with a thousand other students and never knew what times tickets would be distributed.

Imagine my dismay when a good friend of mine in SGA told me SGA members got all their homecoming tickets up front. Not only that, SGA made decisions about homecoming events and who would perform at the concert.

In all my years at FAMU I never knew there were open auditions for the fashion show because of course this was never advertised.

I am urging students to stand up and take back your homecoming from the powers that be who have decided that as long as they are serving themselves and not the student body everything is ok. I’m telling you now, it’s not ok. Everyone who pays tuition should have a say so in homecoming.

If FAMU’s SGA is so clueless as to how to run a HBCU homecoming, contact Howard University’s homecomimg committe. They do an amazing job every year. After all, Howards’s homecoming is referenced in a Ludacris song and FAMU’s is not.

This alumna can be contacted at famudcgirl@yahoo.com.