Word of mouth is not good enough

There were two questions plaguing me last week while I was waiting in a long line to receive my homecoming game tickets.

First, I wanted to know where on campus or in The Famuan was information posted on where, when and how to get your homecoming event tickets and game tickets?

Also, how did all the students know where to go?

“Word of mouth,” said Veronika Hendrix, a third-year pharmacy student from St. Petersburg. Hendrix said that a friend called and told her that event tickets were being given out and she knew that she had better get there before they ran out.

Student activities only allots 3,000 free student tickets for the game and homecoming events. So, if the “word of mouth” didn’t get to you on time then you did not receive a ticket to the events or football game.

For a university as large as FAMU, with resources like The Famuan, the Office of Student Activities, the Student Government Association and the homecoming street team, why is ” word of mouth” the only way information is given out?

Why wasn’t the information posted? Why were some students left in the dark?

Last year, Street Sweepa’s Promotions, an official school organization, was used to promote all the events of homecoming week so that every student would get the opportunity to participate.

This year, when the president of Street Sweepa’s, Tyrone Norman, expressed great interest in promoting the homecoming events, Mickey Clayton, the interim student activities director, felt that SGA and student activities promotions would be enough.

So what’s the resolution for next year? What can be done so that every student gets the opportunity to experience homecoming?

Nikkia Ganey is a third-year public relations student from St. Petersburg, Fla. She can be reached at nikkia1.ganey@famu.edu.