Vandalism destroys school’s reputation

School vandalism and break-ins at the campus of Florida A&M University is a problem that has to stop.

Recently, the fraternity house of Kappa Alpha Psi and the plot of Phi Beta Sigma were vandalized.

Members of each fraternity found graffiti sprayed on their plots and throughout the frat house of Kappa Alpha Psi.

It is embarrassing that this type of behavior is going on in Rattler Country, especially during homecoming.

This incident is similar to when several individuals vandalized the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s wall with red and purple paint.

Those same individuals also disrespected the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity’s wall by spraying it with red paint.

Whoever committed these acts should be ashamed of their childish and selfish behavior.

This illegal activity makes all FAMU students, faculty and staff look bad, especially sororities and fraternities.

People will not want to attend FAMU or visit the campus when there is a possibility that property will be stolen, broken into or vandalized.

Enrollment at FAMU is already down.

Don’t destroy what so many have worked hard for. The school’s reputation is on the line when incidents like sexual violence, shooting and fighting take place.

Where has the morale gone?

Most people understand the importance of respecting other people’s property.

It doesn’t matter if you are Greek or not or if you have more than someone or less.

You should respect your neighbor and respect what that person has earned and worked hard for.