Rattler spirit slowly dying

It’s that time again, Florida A&M University’s homecoming! A week guaranteed to offer activities, food, live concerts, a football game and thousands of people anticipating the chance to be a part of the ever-so-recognized FAMU experience. At least, this is the way I remember past homecomings.

However, despite the efforts of student activity groups, alumni, the University’s administration and other organizations, this year’s homecoming just isn’t adding up to previous reunions.

Homecoming is one of the most anticipated events for students at historically black colleges, especially at FAMU. But this year there has been a downfall in student participation and everyone in Tallahassee should take responsibility.

First, the way homecoming is organized needs to be addressed. Each student who attends this university should have access to information concerning events going on around campus. On Tuesday, tickets were given away to 1,000 students when more than 11,000 students attend FAMU.

If I am not mistaken, isn’t it student money that funds the majority of homecoming events? If this is the case, why do less than 4,000 students get the opportunity to reap the benefits?

We need to establish better communication between the students and faculty.

Many students have been complaining that there was confusion with the location and times for the distribution of tickets.

Let’s get it together FAMU. It’s not that hard to print or announce the times and locations of where and when tickets will be sold.

The university has a school newspaper and radio station. Better yet, use the ticket booth on the set where students hang out instead of using the stadium’s ticket booth.

Finally, Rattlers, where is the school spirit? I mean, if it wasn’t for a few people reminding me that this was homecoming week, I wouldn’t have known because of the lack of enthusiasm from my professors and friends.

Here are some tips to improve next year’s homecoming:

-Provide a party in the Grand Ballroom for the alumni and faculty or a formal dinner. Since this is an older crowd, there could be a jazz band or we could invite a celebrity they could relate too.

-Since some freshmen are only 17, we could have a block party after the game from 11:00-until on the intramural field.

-No classes the Friday of homecoming.

Come on FAMU, let’s get it right. This is our week to shine and represent what we stand for and have been standing for all these years. FAMU is a school of excellence, pride and respect.

Byanca Morgan is a third-year public relations student from Athens, Ga. She can be reached at byanca1.morgan@famu.edu.