Fur flies on the catwalk

The Homecoming Fashion Show took an unexpected turn Tuesday night.

It was scheduled to run until ten, and since that time was near, the final scene of the show, the lingerie scene, was cut to save time.

As the hosts, Philip Agnew and Kumasi Aaron thanked everyone for coming, the lingerie scene’s coordinator, Kevin Forehand, a FAMU alum and principal of Crossroad Academy in Quincy jumped onstage, snatching the microphone from Aaron.

After yelling expletives disrespecting FAMU, Forehand threw the microphone down and jumped off stage. He was later arrested.

Overall, Kumasi thought the show went well.

“I felt like it was very new, different, and out of the box. I just felt really bad because everyone worked so hard.”

Click on the link to see photos taken at the Homecoming 2005 Fashion Show.

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