University morale on major decline

Homecoming-a time for students of the past, present, and future to revel in all of FAMU’s glory; a time to wallow in the majestic orange and green and celebrate that good old fashioned rattler pride, but have many of our rattler’s lost the spirit?

With every guest speaker or hot new artist that visits the school, or even the well-themed social seminars and forums, there is less and less of the student body showing up to support these types of events. Even though there have been attempts to reintroduce old traditions like the “Snake Walk” on game days and “Set Fridays,” there is a definite lack of participation among the student body, but one must wonder the cause.

Of course it’s impossible to speak for everyone in terms of school spirit, but there are a few responses being posed.

“I think the reason why our morale has gone down is because we need more unity, especially us freshman,” said Anton Mintz, an 18-year-old freshman Pre-law student from Miami. “Maybe if [FAMU] wasn’t so deserted on the weekends, the school would be a little more live.”

Ashley Hopkins, a 21-year-old, junior criminal justice student from Decatur, Ga., said, “When I first came to FAMU, I went to every game and was excited about being here, but with all of the administrative setbacks and financial woes, it’s difficult to have the same school pride and I’m really just ready to graduate.”

Despite this Georgia native’s dismay over FAMU’s current administrative state, she is still looking forward to taking part in some of the activities being offered for homecoming, such as the football game and the nightlife at local clubs. 

Teneshia Mack, a 19-year-old political science student from Orlando, is definitely looking forward to the parade and the Comedy/Talent Show. “My high school is coming up to perform at the parade, and as a vocalist I am interested to see what kind of talent we have here at FAMU.”

As Student Co-Chair of Homecoming Activities, as well as student body vice president, Phillip Agnew, has been hard at work and is determined to make this years Homecoming a memorable event.

“The different committees along with Mr. Clayton and myself, have been hard at work planning the set events since late April, and this year will be something to remember,” Agnew said. “We’ve taken new measures to boost the morale and have really thought outside the box.”

Agnew shyly admitted to his lack of school spirit in previous years.

“Its sad, but I didn’t even make it to last years’ homecoming concert,” Agnew said. “Whenever homecoming came around, there was always someone saying it was way better last year, but with the new and improved methods we have been using to get out info and all the entertaining surprises that are in store, I feel this year will be a success.”

In addition to the game, there is a step show, talent show, fashion show, and concert at the civic center. Apparently, this isn’t the average Greek Step show and regular runway extravaganza, but there is an abundance of amazing moments prepared.

Whatever your reasons may be for your lackluster school spirit, rethink them, because homecoming is about the students. It’s nice for alumni to recall on old memories and even nicer for prospective rattlers to visualize their own future homecomings to come, but homecoming is supposed to be about the students who are here now. Next week is one that is to be driven by and for the students, without us there, Homecoming just wouldn’t be special.

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