Several events added to homecoming

While keeping many old homecoming events, FAMU will add some new ones this year.

FAMU students and faculty worked hard to organize groups to create a homecoming that students and alumni will not forget.

As always, homecoming will be filled with entertainment like galas and fashion shows for alumni and students, but this year homecoming will have some new activities.

One new addition is the block party Oct. 21.

Mickey Clayton, Interim Director of Student Activities said the block party will be a mix of old school and new school.

“(We’re) trying to have the largest electric slide on the set,” Clayton said.

Homecoming week will also host the Tom Joyner Sky Show Oct. 21 at the Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center. The sky show is well known for its live radio shows in cities across the country complete with an audience and sometimes R&B artist performances. ?

Later that day, the National Pan-Hellenic Council Greek Step Show will be in Gaither Gym at 7 p.m. ?

One of the biggest attractions of the week will be the homecoming student concert, which will feature artists such as the Ying Yang Twins, Young Jeezy and Keyshia Cole. The already-sold-out concert begins at 8 p.m. Oct. 22 in the civic center.

Anyone who desires gospel can attend the gospel concert in Lee Hall on Oct. 22 at 8.p.

Students such as Keyonna Jenkins, 19, a sophomore biology pre-med student from St. Petersburg, are anticipating the creative effort during homecoming week.

“I’m looking forward to the game and the band because FAM always has a special thing put together. I’m looking forward to both of the step shows,” Jenkins said. Months of planning went into the creation of this year’s homecoming week.

“We’ve been meeting?, (myself, Mr. Clayton and students), since the end of April,” said Phillip Agnew, vice president of the Student Government Association. I charged them at the beginning of the summer to think outside of the box, go against the norm and make it the most memorable.

Students worked to create committees that were responsible for different aspects of the homecoming week activities. The homecoming committees organized the week. For example, Operation: Southern Hospitality was in charge of fundraising, while SGA and Platnum Promotions were involved with organizing the concert.

The committees made a few changes to improve the week of celebration. “We moved the judging of the buildings to Tuesday because we wanted the campus to have a festive look earlier in the week,” Clayton said.

Those who organized homecoming week believe this will be FAMUís best homecoming yet.

“With each of the old events, it’s going to be new and improved, a new flavor to the old event,” said Agnew,20, a junior business administration student from Chicago. Clayton and Agnew said they want the students to meditate on the real meaning of homecoming and not just about having fun.

“I want students to enjoy all activities to the fullest, but to remember wherever they go, they represent the University,” Agnew said. ?

“It’s a time for everyone to bond together and to show support for our institution. No matter how we’re portrayed, all of us know what FAMU has done for us, and we need to let everyone know that we will continue to stand strong.”

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