More controversy after Katrina

Almost two months after Hurricane Katrina, new information continues to blaze like wildfire.

A recent report stated, “three days after Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans, staff members at the city’s Memorial Medical Center had repeated discussions about euthanizing patients they thought might not survive the ordeal, according to a doctor and nurse manager who were in the hospital at the time.”

When we heard this at The Famuan we were totally shocked and appalled. To see if these allegations are actually true, the attorney general’s office requested autopsies to be performed on over 45 bodies.

We hope, truly hope, that these allegations are proven wrong. If this is proven to be true it is disheartening to know that these people aren’t taking care of the sick and gravely ill.

Dr. Bryant King of the Memorial Medical Center said that he did not see any signs of euthanasia but he knows “something happened that shouldn’t have happened.”

We hope nothing like that should’ve happened too. It is queer that a person or people could just play God and take on such an unethical role.

Because of the hurricane, the hospital was low on maintenance, food and water for patients and visitors that were there. This event may have caused some people, who needed more care, to die from complications relating to the lack of resources.

These horrible acts of immorality, if proven true, will definitely put a new spin on the hurricane events.