Greeks step in wrong direction

Thank you for your article in response to the ignorant statements made earlier in the week about Greeks. Just wanted to point out you definitely left out the members of Kappa Alpha Psi which have done probably more community service than most of the organizations listed. The same time the Sigmas had their Black summit, we had a Black Male Empowerment week, collected over 1,000 cans for katrina victims, did car washes to donate towards katrina, as well as many other efforts. But I have noted the famuan’s Bias towards the Kappas. But this is quite fine with us, because we do not do anything for the recognition. Although Journalism is supposed to be unbiased, it’s a shame we follow the same pattern as the national stations we criticize.

Petty and unbelievably childish is an objection to publishing an article on Black Male Empowerment week, which was a huge event and had over 200 freshmen males involved, but hey that life. I guess this message started towards Ms. Washington but is really towards Mr. Jumper. If you would like to be the editor, I ask you to follow a basic rule of journalism. If your affiliations or relationships get in the way of that, you need to resign.

By the way Ms. Washington you may have just forgot, or let your biases do the same, whichever it is, perhaps you should do as you told the young man in the article…”do your research”

Regards, Phillip Pitchford