Greeks’ records speak volumes

Who will be the first to respond you ask? I guess it might as well be me. Probably because you are a biology student who is unaware that even when writing an opinion column, you must first do your research.

Why do you feel it a Greek responsibility to protest for an increase in parking? Are we the only students at FAMU? How is it that we are to blame for universities losing accreditation?

While you complain about the step shows, did you contribute to the last one in which a sorority donated a portion of the proceeds to the hurricane relief effort? Where were you when many Greeks in the National Pan-Hellenic Council gathered to collect funds for Hurricane Katrina victims during the first home game, while others withheld their dollars and continued to enjoy the third quarter?

Where were you when the Sigmas held the Black Male Unity summit in conjunction with the Progressive Black Men?

When you read through your column Wednesday, did you flip past the calendar notes on page two and miss the memo that the Kappas are holding tutoring sessions and the ladies of Sigma Gamma Rho will hold a registration drive for a Bone Marrow effort?

Did you miss out on the Frenchtown Explosion held by the Deltas and the Alphas, where many people in the Frenchtown community received free food, entertainment and tons of donated clothes?

Were you at McDonald’s while everyone else joined the AKAs at Island Melody or the Deltas at Wilson’s BBQ to support black businesses? And where were you Monday night when the Deltas held a seminar for Domestic Abuse Awareness?

Have you ever been in the cafeteria and an Omega offered to take your trash or wipe your table? I’m sure by now you get the point. Now I am not asking for recognition or praise because that is not why we do what we do.

Events, like parties and step shows, are what help us help you. Instead of knocking it, why don’t you try it?

I personally invite you to the Homecoming NPHC Greek step show and to a Greek party. You may be contributing to the cause to which you seem to be so passionate about and may meet a Greek you can relate to. We are students with problems too, you know.

And if you just relieve your head from the clouds and finally see the forest from the trees, you’ll discover that sometimes it’s OK to sit back, relax and have a good time.

But until then, why don’t you get up, get out and make your first step toward moving for change?

Diamond Washington is a senior magazine production student from Miami. She can be reached at