Centennial should end with spirit hangover

This year will mark the 100th anniversary for homecoming festivities and this year there are more events to celebrate homecoming than in past years.

The Tom Joyner Sky Show, the nationally-syndicated radio show hosted by Tom Joyner and his comedic sidekicks, Jay Anthony Brown and Sybil, will be recorded live at the Leon County Civic Center Oct.21 at 6a.m. (although you might want to get there a little early) and who knows what that will bring?

Those that can, and those that can’t might do almost anything to get there.

There is also a book signing at the Black Archives with Dr. LaSalle D. Leffall and some grand opening events.

Let’s not forget about the third annual homecoming concert featuring T.I., Young Jeezy, Mike Jones, he Ying Yang Twins and Keyshia Cole.

But what about the events that have come to be tradition at Florida A&M University? Are people going to do all they can to go events such as the Coronation, the Dorm Room and Greek Step Show, Convocation, the Carnival on the “Set” with music, food and fun (oh my!), the football game, watching the parade and, last but not least, the Battle of the Bands?

Some have heard stories of what is called “homecoming hangover.”

It starts around that Sunday morning when you walk into your room after you have left the last party and you can barely get prepared for bed. If and when you do wake up the next day and the word “tired” or “sleepy” are understatements of what you feel.

It takes you about a week to catch up, and when you do usually there are no regrets and a slew of memories.

“Homecoming hangover” is usually a result of going to and participating in every event during homecoming week possible, standing in line for food, cheering and dancing your heart out at the game (after being up very early to see the parade), and doing a bunch of line dances (the cha-cha slide, bunny-hop etc.).

“Homecoming hangover” is recognized by a multitude of orange and green worn by all spirited famuans, students, faculty and staff.

You may ask how to achieve this feeling of fatigue and there are those who are skeptics and don’t believe that this is possible.

The answer is quite simple, be out, be there, and be spirited every day of homecoming week, and as promised, you will be a victim of “homecoming hangover.”

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