Pedophiles plague the Tallahassee area

Pedophilia is a major problem in America. “Pedo,” is derived from a Greek prefix meaning child and “phile,” is a Latin term meaning having a strong love or preference.

Each year children of all ages are being sexually violated.  In Leon County, there are 313 sexual predators and offenders registered with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  Predators and offenders have committed a wide range of sexual acts against children.

According to the FDLE, possessing child pornography, sexual molestation and sexual battery against young girls and boys are among many of the offenses committed by men and women predators each year.

Ray Meresse, an officer for the FDLE, was charged Oct. 2 with multiple counts of possessing and distributing explicit photos of young girls, as written in The Tallahassee Democrat.

Something needs to be done to stop adult men and women from lusting after children. It’s a moral crime and when acted out, it’s illegal.

However, the state of Florida does deserve kudos. Jessica Lunsford was raped and buried yards away from her home by John Evander Couey. After her death, the Florida legislature passed the Jessica Lunsford Act.

The Florida Statute requires sexual predators who violate children 12 years and under to be sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in prison.

Offenders are required to report twice a year to their local sheriff’s office.

If a predator doesn’t comply with the requirement, this is a 3rd degree felony.

Although, the Florida legislation has passed the Jessica Lunsford Act, more precautions need to be taken. People need to check the FDLE’s website to see if predators are living next door, parents should make an extra effort to protect their children and more laws need to be passed against pedophiles.