New state gun law falls short

Think then shoot. No, let’s change that order. Shoot then think. Yes, that’s a little bit better.

I know the logical choice is to think first then act accordingly. However, according to the new Florida Legislature, Floridians will be able to shoot first and ask questions a little bit later.

The Florida Legislature passed a law stating that any person “has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force.” To be more specific, this even includes deadly force and action if the situation calls for it.

The 94-20 vote margin, in favor of the bill, surprised me more than the Florida gun law itself.

It is one thing to protect yourself with a gun, if forced to. But it is another thing when the person can choose if they want to fight or flight.

Growing up I always learned that some situations could be avoided if I just walk away or flee from the situation. When someone has another person’s life in his or her hands, then it raises the morality bar a few notches Previously, the Florida law stated that citizens could defend themselves against attackers, even by deadly force, if they are not able to escape. But the genius that came up with this new law, has decided that the choice to shoot someone can be decided by the gun possessor.

I would hope that there is never a case where someone would feel obligated to shoot someone just because they have the right to do so.

Although the law is in effect, I want us to think about our actions and what should be the moral action to use. If someone decides to take the life of someone, even if they could have avoided doing so, the guilt should lay on his shoulders and proper action should be charged against the shooter.

I am a Christian and playing God is not something the government or citizens should ever attempt to do. I do not agree with this law because it downplays the morale of the already tarnished reputation of the state of Florida.

It scares me to know that everyday citizens are given the right to shoot others without penalty or justification. Maybe more fine print to the law is needed in order for me to support it, but it is a closed case. Thanks to the Florida Legislation for making me feel safe.

Nyerere Davidson is a third-year public relations student from `Milwaukee. He can be reached