Casual sex comes with emotions

People do it for the pleasure and the mere moment of physical gratification. Meanwhile, they fail to realize what sex really is.

Sex is far more than just the physical. It is in fact mental, emotional, spiritual and psychological. These connections that one can have with and individual can definitely take this soul-tying act to an optimum level.

These are all valid reasons for why I remain amazed at the displacement of young women and the issue of sex in our society.

In a study conducted by Robert W. Hall in 2004, it has become evident that more and more college students are deciding to simply hang out in order to have sex, without intentionally trying to get to know the person.

According to O Magazine, this is considered “an arrangement to satisfy the libido without entangling the heart.” Is this possible?

From a woman’s perspective, this is unfeasible to accomplish. Women are scientifically proven to be emotional creatures. Expert Alexa Joy Sherman reported that three out of every four women are having or have had casual, “no strings attached” sex. Of that number, 80 percent have been reported to have had regrets; regrets not because they feel used but because they feel stigmatized.

Men on the other hand, handle casual sex just fine. It has been said that for women, casual sex is not casual at all but is part in them evaluating a potential long-term mate. To participate in such an act many women create their own realities that convince them temporarily that they actually participate in these affairs for the physical satisfaction. In fact, some women even do it for the ego boost or most commonly to protect them from a broken heart.

It’s a defense mechanism ladies! Try another defense. Women need to strive towards self-actualization and realize that we are in fact emotional creatures. And in a binding act such as sex, we should really hold out for someone we care about because we are clear to become attached.

Lisa Elfrard, a third-year business administration student from Fort Lauderdale. She can be reached