Aid to Pakistan not fast enough

In northern Pakistan, thousands of people are dead due to a devastating, 7.6-magnitude earthquake.

This earthquake has caused havoc throughout the entire country.

Both children and adults have lost family members and are left homeless.

Relief efforts to the Pakistani have not come in a timely manner and they are in dire need of help.

Helicopters are needed to assist those gravely injured victims.

President Bush stated, “Pakistan is our friend,” but will you not help your friends in a timely manner?

Would you sit and let your friends suffer?

Bush and his relief efforts have not reacted fast enough to the tragedy.

It’s understandable that the American government is still focusing on helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina but selfishness needs to cease in order to help those in worse positions.

Although Hurricane Katrina caused a large amount of damage to New Orleans, the city of Pakistan is in a far worse economic deficit and the U.S. efforts can set out this country back in place.

These people need aid and assistance and we are their only hope.

Enthnocentristic values are brought to the forefront in events like this and it is time for that to change.

Let’s put these ignorant values aside and help our simultaneously.

We see these people with looks of agony and pain on their faces and continue to sit and do nothing.

The same way we helped those during the tsumani, we need to help the earthquake victims.

We should not just care for our own but mankind as a whole.

We may not be able to physically go do something about it but a monetary donation can be all the help these people need.

The Pakistani need our help. Since they are our “friends” we should be there for them.

We, as Americans, need to step a little higher up the charity ladder.

If we expect Bush to step, we will be waiting for a long time.

Just look at his reaction to 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

Let’s take the initiative and be proactive.